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We are glad to see you on the site of the oldest Antique Salon in Kiev -- "Shedevr"!
At all times, the measure of wealth man was his personal collection of antique works of art. The ability to understand the antiquities to be connoisseurs, has always been considered an indicator of taste and gentility, the main sign of belonging to the world elite.
That is why the richest businessmen are collectors himselfs and their personal collection is the card by himself. Imagine how solid it would be if you will present your business partner a catalog illustrating the masterpieces of your personal collection! This not only proves your financial viability, but also automatically makes you a member of an elite global community, with the ensuing limitless possibilities! In addition, for each of us there is a time to think about what we will leave for our children. Family collection will not only spiritual wealth and good memories of grandparents, but steadily multiplied the capital of your children.
Art is a constant object of investment. For example, Van Gogh "The House in Sainte-Marie", acquired in 1978 for 225 500 USD and by the 1989 rose in price to 2.31 million USD (10 times), and the Claude Monet's "Rouen Cathedral. Portal", which cost 4750 USD in 1985 by the 1987 was estimated at 1 700 000 USD, and was sold for 15 million USD (more times in 3000) in 2000! Art Market in Europe and the United States is extremely capacious, with turnover of tens of billions dollars. Something similar is happening in Russia. And inspite of our traditional lag in 3 - 5 years, this trend is observed in Ukraine.
According to prominent Russian experts, in the next two or three years in the antiques market we are waiting for the real price revolution which means a tenfold increase in prices for a number of positions. And the winner in the antique market is not the one who will invest ten thousand dollars in "mediocre" stuff, but will invested millions in a really unique pieces that grows in value continuously. Investing in antiques, in addition to prestige will bring considerable profit. The secret is the masterpieces wortр investing. And for that there are experts!
It is hard to imagine a more interesting gift than a work of art. You can be absolutely sure in the originality of the gift - because every object exists in a single copy. Public consciousness has changed: if years ago it was considered prestigious to present the keys to the brand new "Mercedes", now thee painting of the artist of the XVII century, a rare icon or old silver vase will make more impressions
The famous American psychologist Abraham Maslow outlined and schematized the problems in his famous "Maslow pyramid" and has shown that the peak of higher human needs are self-expression, honor, respect and prestige, achieved by collecting the masterpieces. That individual collecting is a meaning of self-expression.
A possession of works of art gives the honor, respect and raises your prestige more than any "Mercedes". There are dozens of Identical "Mercedes", but the works of art - are unique.
Get antiques and prosper!

The founder of the salon, the head of the Guild of Antiquaries of Ukraine
Igor Ponamarchuk
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