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Icon "The Holy Prophet Elijah" Russia, Кон. XIX century, author unknown

the end of XIX century;

wood, oil, gilding;

30x26 cm;

The icon represents the holy prophet Elijah. The Holy Prophet Elijah - one of the greatest prophets - who was born in Fesvii Gilead in the tribe of Levi for 900 years before the Incarnation of God. St. Epiphanius of Cyprus announces the birth of the prophet Elijah is the legend: "When Elijah was born, his father Sovakh had a vision of comely men who greeted him, swaddled fire and fueled the flames of fire." The baby's name Elijah (the fortress of the Lord) has defined his life. From an early age he devoted himself to the One God, settled in the desert and spent a life in strict fasting, prayer and contemplation of God. Called to the prophetic ministry in the Israelite king Ahab, the prophet became a fiery zealot of true faith and piety. According to the legend of the Holy Church, the prophet Elijah will be the Forerunner Dread Second Coming of Christ to the earth, and while preaching takes bodily death.

The life of the holy Prophet Elijah is described in the Old Testament books (3 Kings .; 4 Kgs .; Sir. 48, 1-15; 1 Mac. 2, 58). During the Transfiguration of the Lord spoke to Elijah on Mount Tabor the Savior (Matt. 17: 3; Mk. 9, 4; Lk. 9, 30).
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