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"Censer in the form of an elephant" Japan, XIX - XX century, author unknown
Incense burners (koro) this zoomorphic kind became very popular in the specified time, and were even exhibited at the First World Exhibition of Asian Art in Vienna in 1873. Elephant legs are very short and incredibly thick, head and trunk are extended forward, his eye expression is sly, funny ears are hanging like withered leaves. The decoration on the decorative saddle done in a very complicated technique is very expensive. There are pictured: the chain, brush fringe characters nioi (in China called ruyiv in value - "long life"), wicker and wavy patterns, "cloud nioi", and inside medallions on the saddlecloth images of mythical animals on one side - the unicorn ( Kirin), and on the other - Dragon (Tatsu). The inner part of the Coro is covered with chamotte. Lantern on the back of an elephant is an elongated hexagon of the three tiers. On each side of the second tier there are arranged windows with grilles on the parapets. The roof between the second and third tier has lobed outline, in same style the top roof is made, decorated with beautiful pattern marks (thunder and lightning). Black and brown patina, very high quality bronze casting. Rare and very attractive collector's item.It is of significant cultural and collection value.
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