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Icon 'Our Lady of Akhtyrka" Russia, 1751 г. century, author unknown
Russia, Moscow,

1751 .;

wood, oil; 30x26 cm;

Revetment: silver 61 2/3, forging, embossing, engraving;

Our Lady of Akhtyrka is a revered in the Orthodox Church miraculous icon of the Virgin, in which The Mother of God is depicted with folded hands in front of the Cross with the crucified Jesus Christ. Virgin appears on Akhtyrsky image in a deep humility and complete submission to the will of God expressed in the Gospel by the following words: "Behold the handmaid of the Lord." There is a tradition that when the Virgin Mary was still the young woman, then in prayer she saw the Cross of Christ crucified upon it, her future son. For Akhtyrsky image symbolically tells of the heroism of the life of Our Lady, long before the birth of the Savior who knew that she would be the Mother of the Son of God, who would suffer for the sins of men. Figurative language of the icon is expressive and at the same time concise. According to legend, "Mary’s face darkened " when she saw the crucified Son. In a sign that the face of the Mother of God at Akhtyrskaya icon is always dark.

Icon is made on a wooden board and covered with a silver frame rare sample 61 2/3 (Levkov silver). Revetment bears the stigma of Moscow, stigma "1751" and marking "1". Levkov silver was used and indicated at the stamp up to the XVIII century. The presence of rare samples of silver, as well as marking "1" indicates a special order to manufacture the revetment, which was subsequently marked with a stigma as an exception.
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