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European painting of XIX – XX centuries
Old Masters
Russian painting of XIX – XX centuries
Ukrainian painting of XIX – XX centuries
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Vagh-Weinmann Nandor
French and Hungarian painter. He was born in Budapest. In 1912 - 1920 he studied at the Budapest Academy of Arts. Early works related to the Carpathian Mountains, where he lived after the Arts. In 1931...
Kokin Mykhaylo Olexandrovych
A Ukrainian painter. Born in Dnipropetrovsk. In 1941 he graduated from Dnipropetrovsk Art School (his teachers were - M. Panin, M. Pohribnyak). He studied at Kyiv Institute of Art under the guidance...
Doll Anton
German painter, lithographer, watercolorist. Born in Munich. He received his artistic education at the studio of F. Dahmens. In 1846 - 1849 studied law at the University of Munich. A member of the Munich...
Govaerts Abraham
A Flemish painter. Born in Antwerp in the family of artwork merchant. He received his artistic education in the studios of the famous artists J. Brueghel Senior and G. Van Koningslo. He lived and worked...
Shatalin Viktor Vasylyovych
A Ukrainian painter. Born in the village of Zemlyani Hutory (Ground Farms), Saratov region. Since 1939 he studied at Leningrad School of Art in the Academy of Arts of the USSR. When he was 16 years...
Eysmont Franciszek
Famous Polish artist, a painter. He was born in the town Kruglova in Polish-Russian province of Radom. He studied at the Warsaw School of Drawing, his teacher was B. Gerson. From 1880 he exhibited at...
Tartakovskyy Isaak Yosyfovych
A Ukrainian painter. He worked in the fields of still life, landscape and historical paintings, portrait. In his works he used the pictorial techniques of Impressionism, Cubism, Constructivism, etc....
Hoef Abraham van der
A Dutch painter, made a significant contribution into the development of the battle genre. He worked in the Delta, Leiden, Harlem. The battles of the master performed in a professional manner, distinguished...
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