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European painting of XIX – XX centuries
Old Masters
Russian painting of XIX – XX centuries
Ukrainian painting of XIX – XX centuries
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Levchenko Petro Olexiyovych
A Ukrainian painter and graphic artist. He received his elementary art education under the guidance of B. Bezperchyy. From 1878 till 1883 he studied at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. Since 1886 he...
Milioti (Millioti) Mykola Dmytrovych
A famous Russian artist, an outstanding representative of the Russian symbolism. Born in Moscow. In the late 1880 he studied in private art studios in Paris, from 1894 till 1900 - at Moscow School of...
Van Ryn Guielmus
A Flemish painter, representative of Antwerp school of painting. He studied at Antwerp Academy of Arts. From 1694 till 1709 he was a member of the painters' guild of St. Luke in Antwerp. He travelled...
Jordaens Simon I
Dutch painter, representative of the famous dynasty of artists. Born in Antwerp. In 1612 he moved to Delft. Member of the painters' guild of Delft since 1613. He painted landscapes and religious...
Frederik de Moucheron
Frederik de Moucheron was the son of the painter Balthazar de Moucheron and Cornelia van Brouckhoven. His father came from a wealthy family of wine traders and is portrayed as one of the younger sons...
Claes Pieter
Dutch painter. Born in Berchem, Flanders. From 1617 he lived and worked in Harlem. He was a member of the local painters' guild of Saint Luke. Founder of the Harlem school of still life.
Soroka Arkadiy Vasylyovych
A Ukrainian artist. Born in Vinnitsa. From 1937 till 1941 he studied at Odessa Art School under the guidance of D. Krainev, L. Muchnyk, M. Shelyuto. He has been taking an active part in the exhibitions...
Verburg Dionys
A Dutch painter. Born in Rotterdam. He was a member of the local guild of painters. During 1703 - 1710 he traveled to Suriname. He lived and worked in Rotterdam. He painted landscapes and still lifes....
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