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European painting of XIX – XX centuries
Old Masters
Russian painting of XIX – XX centuries
Ukrainian painting of XIX – XX centuries
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Huysmans Cornelis
Flemish painter, landscape painter. Born in Antwerp. He belonged to the famous dynasty of Antwerp artists. Elementary art education received from G. de Witte in Antwerp. In 1674 studied under the guidance...
Pluzhnik Gennady Mikhailovich
Pluzhnik Gennady Mikhailovich - Ukrainian painter and graphic artist. Born in 1941 in the family of the artist in the city of Krivoy Rog. Education: Dnepropetrovsk Art College 1964., Art - pedagogical...
Hamon-Duplessis Claude-Michel
French painter. Born in Versailles. He studied under the guidance of JB Decamp in Rouen. In 1791 - 1799 exhibited works at the Parisian salons. Lived and worked in Paris. The author of sceneries, military...
Scarcella Ippolito
A famous Italian painter, a brilliant representative of Ferrara school of painting. Born in Ferrara, Italy. Son and student of Sigismondo Scarsella, felt the influence of Paolo Veronese and Jacopo Bassano,...
Konchalovsky Petro Petrovych
A Russian painter and graphic artist. He studied at Kharkiv Drawing School (till 1888), at Strohanov Central School of Arts and Crafts, during 1897 - 1898 Р at the Academy of R. Julien in Paris, during...
Claes Pieter
Dutch painter. Born in Berchem, Flanders. From 1617 he lived and worked in Harlem. He was a member of the local painters' guild of Saint Luke. Founder of the Harlem school of still life.
Vagh-Weinmann Nandor
French and Hungarian painter. He was born in Budapest. In 1912 - 1920 he studied at the Budapest Academy of Arts. Early works related to the Carpathian Mountains, where he lived after the Arts. In 1931...
Chulko Mykola Fedorovych
A Ukrainian artist and landscape painter. Born in Nemyriv, Vinnytsa region. Since 1992 - member of Vinnytsa branch of the National Union of Artists. He lives and works in Vinnytsa. Author of genre...
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