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European painting of XIX – XX centuries
Old Masters
Russian painting of XIX – XX centuries
Ukrainian painting of XIX – XX centuries
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Boretskyi Adalbert Adalbertovych
A Ukrainian painter. Born in Ubla, Slovakia.  During 1927 - 1931 he studied at Uzhgorod Art School. Participated in the exhibitions since 1935. He was engaged in teaching activity. In the years...
Hainz Johann Georg
A German painter, one of the few prominent German masters of still life of the XVII century. Born in Altenau, Germany. He studied the art in the workshops of Amsterdam and Harlem. Since 1660 he lived...
Zaretskyy Viktor Ivanovych
A Ukrainian painter. Born in Bilopillia, Sumy region. From 1947 till 1953 he studied at Kyiv Institute of Art under the guidance of S. Grigoriev, during 1953 - 1957 he taught painting there. Member...
Nayitenko Olexander
A Ukrainian artist. He worked mainly in the field of portrait and genre painting. For some time he studied at Kyiv Drawing School under the guidance of M. Murashko. He participated in the decoration...
Odaynik Oksana Vadimovna
Odaynik Oksana Vadimovna (b. September 28, 1953, Kiev, USSR) - Ukrainian artist, painter and teacher.People's Artist of Ukraine, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, assistant...
Dobuzhynskyy Mstislav Valerianovich
One of the best Russian graphic artists of the early twentieth century, book illustrator, theatre artist, painter. Born in Novgorod in the family of Lieutenant-General of artillery V. Dobuzhynskyy....
Osmyorkin Olexander Olexandrovych
A Russian painter, graphic and theater artist. He studied at the drawing school of the Society for the Promotion of Artists in St. Petersburg (1910), in Kyiv Institute of Art (1911 - 1913) under the...
Katchura-Falileeva Ekaterina N.
Artist of the Ukrainian emigration, painter and graphic artist. She worked in pastels, monotypes, lithographs, etchings. Ekaterina was born in Warsaw in the family of Major General of the Life Guards...
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